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Tuition does not cover the full costs of operating Ames Christian School. The critical 10% gap between tuition income and expenses depends on fundraisers and donations. At least one parent from every ACS family is expected to volunteer, serve, or donate to a minimum of one large and one small fundraiser annually.

Tuition for Half Day Preschool, Early Kindergarten, and Kindergarten to Sixth grade is set each year in February prior to early registration. Please see the document links below for the full schedule of tuition and fees.



Tuition assistance is available for kindergarten through sixth-grade students of families who meet need-based income qualifications. It is expected that all ACS families will pay tuition to the best of their abilities and those who qualify for tuition assistance will be eligible to receive an award for the remaining portion.

A limited pool of funds is available for tuition assistance. Families are encouraged to apply as soon as registration opens in the Spring. Applications received by the submission deadline will be considered equally. Applications received after this date will be considered for any funds that may remain.

More information about the process of applying for tuition assistance can be found on the Financial Aid Application page.


Ames Christian School is a member of the Heart of Iowa Student Tuition Organization (STO). The STO program provides access to tuition grants based exclusively on numbers reported on your IRS 1040 tax form. This is a complementary source of funds to the regular Tuition Assistance program. All students whose families qualify under STO rules receive a tuition grant. The amount of the grant is based on the total number of students who apply.

More information about the STO Tuition grants can be found on the Tuition Assistance page.

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