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Teacher and Student
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Over the past 30 years, it has been a delight to respond to God in providing whole student education and preparing students to live Christ-centered lives to the fullest of their abilities according to biblical principles. Our hope is for our students to love God, lead others, and achieve their purpose in life through Christ. God has clearly been faithful to us. Each student, family and staff member over the last 30 years are a gift! We also feel a call to respond persistently in bringing the best experience for our students in the decades ahead.


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We had no idea what a blessing this school would be to our family when we first enrolled our daughter. What an amazing opportunity to be actively involved and see first hand how God is at work in this school.



Our Need

With rising facility costs, our desire is to ease the burden of our monthly building mortgage cost to free up funds and continue to dream and make plans and allocate funds for upper-grade levels. Our goal is to have our building mortgage PAID-OFF in 3 years or less! 


Future Planning

Your contribution helps us continue the planning process for providing quality Christ-Centered education for added grade levels


Your Commitment


We are looking for committed prayer partners as we embark on this ambitious goal.


Take a step of faith and give above and beyond with a 3-year financial commitment of $3,000.



You can setup a one-time, monthly, quarterly or yearly gift.

Will you consider a financial gift and/or the gift of prayer above and beyond your typical giving as we prepare for the decades ahead?

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