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At Ames Christian School, our students are equipped to think, learn, discern and act according to Biblical principles in order to love God, serve others, and achieve their purpose in life through Christ.

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All students must come from a home where at least one parent or guardian has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is in complete accord with the policies, methods, and obligations of the school. 

Families must complete an application for each student they wish to enroll.  A non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application. Final admission acceptance will be subject to the approval of records, the parent-administrator interview, and the willingness of the student and parents to work with the school.

Ames Christian School accepts new enrollments throughout the year!


Non-Discriminatory Admission Policy

Ames Christian School is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for students without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin.  It does not unlawfully discriminate in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, or other school administered programs.  As a private religious institutions, Ames Christian School reserves the right to deny admissions to any applicant whose academic preparation, character, or personal conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the mission of the school. 

Students in Classroom


The philosophy upon which Ames Christian School has been established, and upon which it operates, teaches that God has placed the full responsibility for the education and training of a child upon the parents. The parents may choose to delegate some of their responsibility to the school or church, to supplement the training and instruction given by the parents in the home.

Therefore, when parents and students seek admissions to Ames Christian School, it will be assumed that they are in complete accord with objectives, methods and obligations which accompany such admission. Because of the importance of harmony and open communication between the home and the school, parents are expected to bring problems, concerns and/or areas of confusion or misunderstanding to the attention of the Ames Christian School personnel immediately and privately (Matthew 18:15-20). If areas of disagreement occur they should be resolved quickly and maturely using biblical peacemaking principles. 

In order to support the education process and be an encouragement to the student, parents are asked to take an active part in the Ames Christian School program. As in any activity our children undertake, our interest and involvement as parents has a tremendous positive influence on their performance. Parents are asked to attend all Parent Association meetings, school programs, parent-teacher conferences, and school functions. It is necessary for each family to be represented at these informative and important gatherings. Opportunities exist for parents to become involved in a variety of volunteer activities.

Special Situations
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