P. E.

Lori Adams
Physical Education

I am in my 6th year as the physical education teacher at ACS! I received my BS from Iowa State in 1981 with a K-12 endorsement for PE, driver education and health. I’ve taught in Prentice, Wisconsin (3 years) , Marshalltown (7 years)  and Gladbrook, Iowa (2 years.) I’ve coached volleyball, basketball, track and softball. Each year I have been a teacher, has been a year of ministry for me as well. I’ve served through church youth groups and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I continue to work with FCA at Iowa State, leading the leaders and equipping area teacher/coaches who lead FCAs in their schools.

I also serve as field staff of a ministry that supports Christians in public education called Christian Educators. Check us out CEAI.org. I facilitate Teacher Camps, one on one mentoring, workshops and Student Teacher Encouragement Groups.

I grew up on a small farm outside Liscomb, Iowa (about 50 minutes east of Ames.) My dad and mom were leaders in the community and came from families who had a good reputation. I was the oldest of four children.  Pride was a problem for me as my main commitment was in looking good to uphold the family reputation. I now regret my hard hearted, people mocking sense of humor and my unwillingness to be teachable in order to gain wisdom and coaching for life.

I was focused on my way of doing things in sports, friendships, 4-H, college and my social life. I played softball at Iowa State and my identity was firmly rooted in being a tough athlete. When all my security systems finally fell my senior year in college, I was able to receive conviction for my selfishness and receive forgiveness for the damage I had created in relationships in several areas of my life.  I was amazed at the grace of God through Jesus. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in January of 1981 at a Bible study in an apartment near campus at Iowa State my 5th year at ISU.

I originally chose to teach at ACS because I missed teaching when I would volunteer to help my friend, Laurie Jensen who was the PE teacher at that time. But now I can say I love teaching again because of the students at ACS. What a joy it has been to openly express how my faith in Jesus informs what I do as a PE teacher and encourage my students to grow in their understanding that “it is in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

I have attended different denominations as I have lived in several different places.  My hometown churches are Presbyterian and I now worship at Harvest Vineyard in Ames.