Early Childhood Programs

Ames Christian School provides a number of options for early childhood education to prepare your child for future academic success. 

Full and Half Day Preschool 

Three and four-year olds can be a part of our half-day or all day programs.

Early Kindergarten

The Early Kindergarten program is a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten designed to prepare children for positive future  school experiences. Children who will benefit from this program are five years old but may need another year to grow and mature  before being ready for our Academic Kindergarten curriculum and routine.

The Early Kindergarten program offers hands on curriculum that meets various skill levels for students. It doesn't repeat the curriculum used in preschool or jump ahead to the Academic Kindergarten curriculum. Instead the program builds and expands on what preschoolers have learned and offers a variety of activities that help them master social, and academic skills needed for Academic Kindergarten.

The small class size provides a Personalized Christian Education for each child. After completing a year in Early Kindergarten the child will be prepared to enter our Academic Kindergarten. This class meets from 12:00-2:45 pm five days a week.