The Language Project is a foreign language immersion program on a mission to revolutionize how and when children learn a new language and to foster a generation of multi-lingual Americans. The Language Project provides native-speaking teachers who immerse children entirely in the Spanish language through a mix of highly engaging stories, games, music, movement, drama and more design to promote natural learning of the foreign language. Children learn conversational basics and practice functional structures in the context of songs, drama, fun activities, competitive games and more. In their Elementary Spanish program, children not only learn to listen and speak but read and write as well through adventure activities that require increasing levels of engagement and understanding over time, and that reward kids with a feeling of accomplishment.

The Language Project strives to link language learning with other areas of learning, creating, communicative situations connected to prior knowledge of students and their surroundings.  Spanish integrated into a child’s world promotes critical thinking, curiosity and creativity, instilling values of respect and openness to other cultures. Children learn real and useful daily language that systematically builds each lesson bringing them one step closer to bilingualism after each and every class