Fifth and Sixth Grades

Britta Sjoberg
Britta Sjoberg
Fifth and Sixth Grade

Living in the Midwest wasn't exactly a dream of mine, but I can honestly say I am truly content with where God has me in life and the people He has surrounded me with day in and day out.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Maine, 5 miles from the New Brunswick border. After high school graduation, I attended Indiana Wesleyan University, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in the spring of 2013. I moved to Ames a month after graduating and for my first year out, I taught 4 year old preschool at Ames Community Preschool Center.

My student teaching experience had been in a 5th grade classroom. I had a strong desire to once again teach that age. That opportunity came to me in the summer of 2014 when I was hired as the 5th & 6th grade teacher at ACS. I love that my class feels like a family:  we have devotions together, we share prayer requests and ask hard questions, we learn and grow together, and we're honest with each other.

Church isn't just a Sunday experience for me; church is a family of believers doing life together. I am an active participant in Ames-Des Moines City Church. My church family is a place where I feel I am held accountable, loved and accepted, challenged and supported.

In my free time I love to be outdoors:  biking, hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, playing ultimate Frisbee, and the list goes on. I also enjoy game nights and potluck dinners with my friends.